No.32 Kichisho-in

Temple overview

◎ Religious school: Singon sect Chisan school of Shingon Buddhism
◎ Founded: Founded in 1982
◎ Founder: chief priest Juei Yamada
◎ Current chief priest: The 2rd abbot, chief priest Yugen Yamada
◎ Principal image: Fudo Myoo

Pilgrim's hymn

Mairikite Kitano Miyako No Hojusan, Konoyono Sakae Jiku O Tonaete


Kichisho-in Temple was founded in 1980(Showa 55) by Juei Yamada was told to build a nunnery in the northern capital by Raiyu Otsu the abbot of "Ryugen-ji" Temple the Kyoto Betu-in of Kawasaki Daishi.
The main deity of the temple is Dainichi Nyorai, and the temple was officially named in 1982(Showa 57) as a temple for good health, memorial services for water children, and memorial services for ancestors.
The first "one-day nun session" in Hokkaido and spread the circle of religious faith.
In 1989(Heisei 1), along with the founding of the 36 Fudo Holy Grounds in Hokkaido, the precincts were acquired in Kita-ku, Sapporo City by the purification of the Parishioners and believer the Kisshoin Betsuin was built.
The main deity of the temple is a 3-meter tall "Akame Fudo Myoo".
It was moved from the foot of Goten-zan Mountain in Nishi-ku, Sapporo to its current location, and has become a place where the faithful can come to rely on the great power of Fudo Myoo's blessings and the many mysterious powers and mercies that cannot be explained by theory or science.
In addition, as a temple with spiritual power to ward off the evil spirits of 32-year-old(Yaku-doshi), it attracts many worshippers from the suburbs and all over Japan.


  • From Kotomi and Asabu subway bus terminals, take Chuo Bus No. 46 and get off at Kita 29 Jo Nishi 15-chome, then walk for 3 minutes.
  • From the subway Namboku Line Kita 24 Jo Subway Bus Terminal, take North No. 73 and get off at Kita 29 Jo Nishi 15-chome, and walk for 3 minutes.
  • 5 minutes walk from Shinkawa Station on the JR Gakuentoshi Line.
  • 15 minutes by car from the "North Interchange Exit" on the highway.
  • 15 minutes by car from the "Shinkawa Interchange Exit" on the highway.

13-2-6 Kita30-jonishi Kita-ku,
Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 001-0030

TEL 011-757-5940