Fudo Myoo


Fudo Myoo scriptures were first introduced to Japan by the Great Teacher.
Since then, for more than a thousand years, Fudo has been handed down to the common people with a fervent faith that surpasses that of other deities.
Unlike the Bodhisattva, who has a gentle and compassionate appearance, Fudo's forehead is wrinkled, his left eye is half-closed, and his mouth is tightly closed in anger.
The lotus flower on his head is a manifestation of his great compassionate vow that all people should ride on the lotus.
There is a sword in the right hand, a rope in the left hand, and a flame in the back.
The sword in the right hand removes the three poisons and cuts off the vexations, the rope in the left hand binds and saves people from going astray, and the flame in the back burns away the one hundred and eight human vexations.
As you can see, Fudo has a frightening appearance, but as an alter ego of Dainichi Nyorai, he is manifesting himself in the Fire Life Samadhi in order to save us.
Fudo came to be known in Japan in the first year of the Daidō Era (806), when Daishi returned to Japan from Tang Dynasty China and was revered as the chief deity of the nation.
The first merit of the deity is a good harvest, the prosperity of all people, and the protection of the nation, and it is also a guardian deity that calms down the fury of nature, as in the case of the wave cutting fudo, and dispels evil thoughts and grudges that enter into the crevices of people's minds, as in the case of the evil repelling fudo. In addition to traffic safety to protect us from traffic wars, he is also the Buddha of prosperity in business, safety in the home, health and prosperity in life, fulfillment of good relationships, and satisfaction in childbirth.